Grenadian journalists score well in CARIMAC Summer program

Grenadian media workers have scored top grades at the highest media training institution in the Caribbean.

The four Grenadian media workers are expected to receive their certificates next month after successfully participating in various summer courses at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication. (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. The four, who have all passed their courses, are Ria Murray of MTV, Sophia Phillip of WE FM, Judy John of the New Today and Donel Scantlebury of the monthly Barnacle newspaper. Their attendance was as a result of funding provided by UNESCO who received a proposal from the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG).

“The whole experience was a good one for me, helping me with my daily job of preparing our newspaper and dealing with customers” said Scantlebury who did graphic design.

“I was awarded 99% in the course and look forward to any future opportunities that would be giving to me from MWAG/UNESCO”.

John, one of the faces behind the scenes in the New Today Newspaper also did Graphic design.

“The course was well structured and informative. The lecturing technique was clear and precise.   The entire experience was beneficial to me,” John said in a report to MWAG.

“I am even more gratified on learning of my Grade of 95% and that I will be receiving a certificate of distinction,” Judy John graphic design.

Grenadian Journalists at CARIMAC in Jamaica

Ria Murray, Donel Scantlebury, Sophia Phillip and Judy John at CARIMAC in Jamaica

The other two media workers who attended the course this summer, Murray and Phillip, both did Feature Writing.

“I must say that the five week course did well to introduce me to the basics of feature writing “said Murray.

“Coming out of this course, I would say that I am now armed with the knowledge and skills to start a number of features for the company that I work for Meaningful Television”.

Murray has since started a BlogSpot as a result of experience gained at the course.

“Feature writing was a stranger to me and I was reluctant to make its acquaintance, for my childhood love for words has been dormant for many years” declared Phillip.

“However, as a news reporter, I felt it was a catalyst to my dream of one day becoming a well known author.”

MWAG is considering an official ceremony to award the CARIMAC certificates to the journalists.

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