Grenada Chocolate Company poised to receive another award

The Grenada Chocolate Company could be headed for a second award this year, having now being nominated as one of the thirteen finalists selected for the U.S. Secretary of State’s 2011 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE).

These finalists were chosen from 62 nominations submitted by American Ambassadors around the world. ACE finalists are international business leaders who recognize the vital role that U.S. businesses play abroad as good corporate citizens.

The Grenada Chocolate Company, situated in St. Patrick, at the north of the island, was set up by US entrepreneur Mott Greene as an organic Cocoa Farmers and Chocolate Producers Cooperative. The company uses organically produced sugar, vanilla and lecithin in its chocolates.  It also uses solar power to operate its antique machines.

Grenada Chocolate Company Team                                     Entrepreneur Mott Greene stands third from left

Grenada Chocolate Company was selected to the US Secretary of States ACE list for its contribution to the sustainable growth of rural economies by establishing Grenadian products in international markets; pioneering agro-tourism; outstanding environmental conservation efforts; and promotion of organic farming.

Earlier this year, the chocolate company won the Silver Medal at the 2011 London Academy of Chocolate Awards, for its 82% dark chocolate.

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