Copyright issues to come under the microscope in Grenada

Music owners and users in Grenada are to participate in a series of seminars looking at issues of copyright. The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) in Grenada will conduct a series of three seminars.

Issues to be addressed at the seminars include the benefits of becoming a member of the ECCO; the responsibilities of persons directly or indirectly involve in the entertainment industry; the process for applying for a music user’s permit as well as information on who are liable to obtain permission.

ECCO Agent in Grenada, Peter Radix says one of the main objectives of the seminars, which are being funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is to inform persons in the entertainment industry on their rights and responsibilities as producers and users of music.

“The intention is, to…use the upcoming seminars to educate all in the entertainment industry about their rights and responsibilities in light of the fact that we had new legislation getting approval at the last parliamentary session,” said ECCO agent Dr Peter Radix.

Grenada joined the regional body of ECCO in 2009, however, from then to now, there was no legislation to govern the development and use of music and as such the local ECCO Chapter had no ‘teeth’.

Many of the local music artistes, owners and users are still not registered with the organization and have been resistant to its efforts.

To this end, a number of persons in the legal profession would facilitate the seminar which Dr. Radix is hoping would highlight the repercussions from not adhering to the recently passed copyright bill.

This bill would give ECCO Grenada the backing that it needs to penalize persons and organizations who violate international copyright laws.

“The intention is for us never to go to Court but have compliance without force,” Dr. Radix added.

One of the seminars is geared specifically for music owners which Radix says “will look at how it {the music industry} works, understanding rights, responsibilities and obligations that can better protect their interest, progress, and benefits economically from their endeavors.”

The first seminar which is geared for a general audience will be held on October 28th while the second seminar, targeting music owners would be on November 5th.

The final seminar will be held on November 12th and is targeting the media.

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