China to rebuild second stadium in Grenada

The Chinese government has agreed to rebuild the athletic stadium in St. George’s under a re-negotiated agreement.

This means that the first agreement between Grenada and China for the construction of 2000 low-income houses has been changed.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says under the new agreement, the People’s Republic of China will now construct 1000 low-income homes and the remaining US$ 40 million dollars (EC$108 million dollars) will be used for what the government calls priority projects.

These projects include the re-building of the athletic stadium, the government’s house repair and home improvement project for persons whose homes have been damaged during the passage of hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004 and 2005, and community improvement projects.

PM Thomas said the details for these projects are yet to be fully worked out.

But according to the New National Party (NNP) who lost power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2008, after 13-years at the helm, the original infrastructural development program, agree to with China included the rebuilding of the Athletic Stadium as well as the construction of a number of low-income houses.

The rebuilding of the athletic stadium has been one of the issues that the Opposition New National Party has been taking the government to task on.

Prime Minister Thomas’ announcement came just hours after World 400m champion, Grenadian youth Kirani James won his second world title in one week at the Diamond League in Zürich. Speaking about James’ achievements, Thomas said his exploits are things to be emulated.

“His brilliant performances are powerful reminders of three important lessons. First, that greatness can come from humble beginnings. Second, that with hard work and tenacity, we can accomplish our goals. Finally, that regardless of how you start, it is important to finish strong.”

James’ performances on the world stage have prompted calls for the athletic stadium, when it is rebuilt, to be named after him.

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